About our new logo

logos-vertical-barYou may notice Innovation Leader’s logo has morphed a bit this month. To coincide with the publication of the Spring 2016 issue of our print magazine, we took a fresh look at our logo as well.

We were lucky enough to work with Pat Mitchell of Modus Operandi Design on both projects. Pat is perhaps best known for his design work at Fast Company magazine, where he was the founding creative director in 1995, but has also led design projects for Atlantic Monthly, Harvard University, National Geographic, Oprah, Inc., Levi’s, DirecTV, and the Solo Project.

You’ll see our logo appearing in different colors throughout the website, our print products, and at our events. To us, that signifies that we cover innovation of all stripes — from startup collaborations to R&D labs to emerging technologies to experience design to changing corporate culture — and across all industries.

Let us know what you think… post a comment, or e-mail editor@innovationleader.com.


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