Innovation Leader 2020 Editorial Calendar

Research Reports

We produce quarterly research reports on innovation topics, including metrics, benchmarking, labs, and more. We're covering these topics next:

  • Q1 2020: Changing Culture in Large Organizations: What’s Reasonable, How Do You Measure it, What Gives It Momentum?
  • Q2 2020: Prototypes & Pilots: Best Practices in Testing New Concepts (and Scaling Up What Works)
  • Q3 2020: Successful Startup/Corporate Collaborations
  • Q4 2020: The C-Suite's Guide to Business Transformation
  • 2021: Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2021
  • 2021: Remaking the R&D Organization
  • 2021: Understanding the Changing Customer and Delivering Compelling Experiences
  • 2021: Creating Metrics & Dashboards to Track Innovation Impact

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"Innovation Answered" is the podcast for corporate innovators. In each episode, we explore one major roadblock to change at large organizations. Here's what we're covering in Season 4:

  • Technology Scouting at Wayfair
  • Innovation in Government: NASA & King County, Wash.
  • Nonprofit Innovation: Insights from AARP
  • Finding Success in Corporate Venture Capital
  • Empathy & Innovation: Insights from Fitbit
  • The Future of Food: Impossible Foods and General Mills
  • Running an Innovation Lab: W.L. Gore, General Motors, and IBM

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Several times each year, we compile a handful of the most useful pieces of expert advice from our Strategic Partners into Pointers, a downloadable eBook. Here are the topics we’re covering this year:

  • June 2020: Tools, Templates, and Resources for Innovators
  • November 2020: Innovation Don'ts — Common Mistakes Innovators Make

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