Photos: Inside the Hatchery, the innovation lab at AARP

As part of our next Field Study learning expedition, we’ll visit the Hatchery, the innovation lab at AARP. AARP is not only one of the largest nonprofits in the country, but it’s also one of the biggest insurers and magazine publishers. We talked about what happens at the Hatchery with Andy Miller, the SVP for Innovation and Product Development at AARP.

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What is the Hatchery?

The Hatchery is really meant to be four things. At the highest level, it’s a physical manifestation of AARP’s commitment to innovation. It’s hard to see innovation. We also work on our own ideas internally. Right now, we have three companies running that we are staffing and growing. Within the Hatchery, we’re not trying to do evolutionary stuff. We’re looking for big new businesses we can create. I’m at a mutual fund company today talking with them about being a partner on something new and potentially disruptive.

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