The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact innovation strategy and investment in established organizations. In our latest research report, “The New Imperatives,” 42 percent of survey respondents describe the impact as “significant” or “extreme”— a segment that grows to 55 percent outside of the US and Europe. 

How do you make the case for new approaches, experimentation, and openness to external collaborations at the current moment? Be part of the conversation as we share some of the most interesting data points from our latest research report, and invite you to share how you are repositioning your team and your organization for future growth. Leading the conversation will be Cliff Justice, US Leader of Enterprise Innovation at KPMG; Shannon Gilmore, Managing Director at KPMG; and Scott Kirsner, CEO of Innovation Leader. We’ll also invite you to suggest questions and issues that you’d like to see tackled in our future research.

Join us for an online conversation July 29th at 3:30 PM- 4:15 PM ET to explore this topic.

Please note: IL roundtables are open to current corporate leaders at the director level or above.

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