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    Three Stages of Collective Problem Solving With Regulatory or Compliance Partners


    In this one-page guide, former Pfizer Head of Worldwide Innovation Dan Seewald details three stages of collective problem solving with colleagues in the regulatory and compliance departments.

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    Graphic: Four Stages of Commercial Innovation


    In this PDF graphic, former BNY Mellon exec Rob Erman defines four stages that he has seen successful projects go through on their way to the market…

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    Worksheet: How Are You Spending Your Time?

    This worksheet shows some of the common activities that executives responsible for innovation engage in, as well as the benefits and possible risks of each activity. 

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    Play the Game of Urgency Bingo


    How much urgency is there surrounding innovation in your organization? You may not win fabulous prizes playing the game we call “Urgency Bingo,” but it can help you understand some of the dynamics at play when it comes to getting sufficient resources, allies, and momentum behind an innovation effort. ...

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    List of Small Innovation Consulting Firms, Workshop Leaders, and Speakers


    Here’s our list of 35+ small innovation consulting practices that do everything from facilitate design sprints to train innovation catalysts to assess innovation maturity. They have experience working at firms like UnitedHealthCare, The Gap, Starbucks, Pepsico, Lululemon, and Pfizer. And they’re based in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. ...

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    Building the Culture of Design Thinking

    The Design Sprint framework is a problem-solving methodology used to identify, understand, and validate business opportunities. Download this short presentation on Home Depot practices design thinking. 

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    Six Steps to Strong Relationships with Colleagues in Legal, Compliance, and InfoSec

    This worksheet highlights the six steps of creating productive working relationships with your legal, compliance, and information security departments, and invites you to evaluate and continually update your status. Where do you stand on each step?

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    The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Engage with Corporate Accelerators

    Presentation given at Impact 2018 on the right and wrong ways for corporates to engage with accelerator programs. Includes a slide outlining the signs or hallmarks that a corporate culture has set up the proper structure for working with startup companies.

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    Org Charts for Innovation Groups

    There are two ways to set up and structure innovation teams, and both approaches have benefits and drawbacks. In this two-page PDF resource, a former VP of Product Management and Innovation outlines the pros and cons of each scenario.

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    Piloting and Scaling New Ideas in Healthcare: Challenges and Advice

    These slides were presented as part of an April 2018 webcast on sourcing, piloting, and scaling new ideas that is also available on Innovation Leader. You can register for upcoming Innovation Leader live calls here .

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    How Startups Can Work With Our Company

    A single slide that provides a template for explaining to startups, venture capitalists, accelerators, etc. how your company wants to work with them and who the key point of contact is.

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    What People Hear When the CEO Says ‘Innovate!’

    What do the different groups think when the CEO announces the company will be more innovative? This resource can help different groups understand a definition of innovation which is accessible.

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    Scouting: Key Questions, Participants, Indicators of Success

    The goal of this editable worksheet is to help you think through some of the key questions, participants, risks, and indicators of success when you are setting up or seeking to improve a scouting operation. This worksheet is a component of our 2017 research report, “Scouting Trends Emerging ...

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    Best Practices in Scouting Trends and Emerging Tech

    Survey data from 2017 on how large organizations structure their scouting activities, and some of the challenges they encounter. These slides were presented as part of a February 2018 webcast on scouting that is also available on Innovation Leader.

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    List of Corporate-Supported Startup Accelerators

    A spreadsheet describing 25 startup accelerators either run by corporations or with substantial corporate involvement, across industries like aerospace, retail, and tech. Includes a shorter list of corporate accelerators that are defunct or on hiatus.

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    Actual Intelligence Built on A.I.

    Overview of how Home Depot is approaching artificial intelligence, given the complexity of many home improvement projects. Includes three lessons learned so far.

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    Scouting: Tracking Trends and Emerging Technologies

    The goal of this worksheet, a component of our 2017 research report on scouting trends and emerging tech, is to help you think through some of the key questions, participants, risks, and indicators of success when you are setting up or seeking to improve a scouting operation.

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    11 Major Barriers to Innovation, with Proposed Solutions

    Building a successful and enduring innovation program requires that you identify the barriers that may inhibit progress — ideally, before you smash into them at full speed. Working to predict and mitigate the key barriers can make the business more accepting of new ideas. Below are eleven of the most ...

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    CEOs & Innovation: Four Archetypes

    From the Fall 2017 issue of Innovation Leader’s magazine, this one-pager captures the different kinds of CEO personalities when it comes to innovation, including the Visionary, the Cheerleader, and the Advocate. 

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    Idea Evaluation Scorecard

    This offers a complete system for logging, screening, classifying, and scoring ideas that an innovation group might devote resources to. Developed by Aaron Proietti, former SVP of Innovation at Transamerica, it’s an Excel spreadsheet that can be easily adapted for your own use.